Humanity has witnessed the Industrial age, followed by an Information age and now we are privileged to have the opportunity to enter an age of Inspiration — the ‘Third I’ with its boundless possibilities and potential, more than we ever thought possible. You and I can ask what is it that drives our civilisation? Is it our instinct for survival, a yearning for stability or maybe even a desire for mastery over the environment for better (or, unfortunately, in some cases, for worse)? Direction on an individual and on a societal level can often be determined by what inspires us the most and I believe that much of what drives us forward is Inspiration.

With the decline of institutional structures and specialisations, the projects we create as individuals are becoming ever more important and point to a sustainable future. A major phenomenon that has emerged in recent years — the open source movement — is a key enabler for creative individuals and it acts as a driving force to accelerate progress. I firmly believe that by combining the insight and talent of the individual with the infinite pool of open source we are creating something extraordinary and when we look back from some point in 2100 the open source movement will be recognised as an essential component in the march towards exponential change, providing the means for unique projects that will write the history of the future. Now it is up to each of us to seize the opportunity to explore, to create and to reach beyond the stars and in so doing inspire not only those around us but future generations.

Mandelbrot set as a meassure to inspire

The core method of intelligence is in actual patterns formation and recognition of the same. I believe that Universe is pure intelligence, and we all play some part in it. Our creations as Artists, because I believe that we are all artists, open the door to infinite dimensions, expanding our internal space towards infinity. The following NOW and KNOWLEDGE links I want to share with you what occupies my attention NOW in case you share similar/same "obsessions" and want to collaborate and also I want to give you my recommendations list relating to books and tools

Now Knowledge

This is the list of Hats that I am wearing right NOW

In case you see some synchronicities and want to collaborate
This link will give you some guidence



  • I am currently focused on baroque and contemporary pieces, (still in early stage, editing Art of Fugue by Bach recorded last year in Belgium) sample here
  • Assembling all sorts of sounds(including sounds from nature) to mix in with piano recordings
  • Can't get rid of the burning sensation in my hands, which means it is time for the piano and new pieces. I still don't know what, where, who, why, but will discover soon



  • Currently finishing the last collection inspired by dualism, exploring the now moment, exploring the symbol of my unique inspiration
  • Starting the new collection inspired by the extra terrestrial elements
  • Writing the corresponding essays to each of the paintings which will ultimately lead to a Book or VR journey
  • Collection comprises of 11 pieces or 22 as both numbers are the most important in my life
  • Digitally manipulating the paintings and publishing on the website
  • Integrating my projects so that the dots complement each other



  • Choosing and experimenting with new music editing softwares which I am yet to discover, if you have some recommendation please share it with me @ideasrex or irina.klyuev@gmail.com
  • About various ancient and contemporary art forms and artists
  • German (via Duolingo) - this might be long term because I have about 5 mins free each day
  • To control my thoughts, and sometimes have none for as long as 5 mins



  • I like the playground of startup world, innovation, open source and all things internet, sustainability and futurism related
  • Putting together www.localglobalist.com so that open source projects get more visibility as well as multidisciplinary nature of each of us
  • Updating www.ideasrex.com so that innovation, new ideas and projections towards future that I have been working on inspire others
  • Upgrading www.musebuz.com so that artists and musicians exchange their creativities and assets in the right way



  • I believe in raw food diet, yoga, psychosomatic medicine....etc
  • Publish a link relating to lifestyle and share tips and tricks as to the various things that keep me healthy and in no need for either farmacy or doctors ever)
  • Hiking some mountains while exploring the snow in nature, maybe scoping that atmosphere so that the world can see through my eyes and we could joinly wonder at the symmetry of nature/life
  • Doing Kundalini Yoga (trying to do daily and not periscoping because of the inability to monitor the comments)
  • As I failed sugar challenge, I have decided to balance my diet entirely on the bases of what my instinct is telling me. I have a fealing that sugar is over demonized, a little bit like fat used to be the worst thing. Rationale for one or the other changes in cycles as new findings replace the old ones.
  • Winter is the time I am hybernating in terms of social activities so I may not be as responsive (social media/emails) as during the other seasons (nothing personal).


    Books and philosophy

  • Being an avid reader, I enjoy any philosophical, anthropological, futuristic piece of writing, sometimes I also publish my own conclusions on various topics
  • I am not reading at the moment, because I am producing the lever. This will change soon,....

  • Updated 1.12.2017

    Inspired by Now page Movement of Derek Sivers